Illustration for interactive multimedia language course specially designed for improving listening and speaking skills.
You can learn totally free ENGLISH, SPANISH, PORTUGUESE and ROMANIAN.
Fourteen lessons including animations, interactive exercises, listen and repeat and games.


Design:  40%  | Creativity:  20%  | Usability:  40
Language Lessons | client: Linguasnet

This site is providing free Christian resources to visitors. It is a community driven site designed to make it easier to find Bible verses and other resources (downloads and discussions for now) on a wide range of topics. It is seeded with quite a few resources but it is heavily dependant on user submissions and votes for it's long-term success. The user interaction is the main focus of the site.

Design:  40%  | Creativity:  40%  | Usability:  20
Believers Resourse | Website design

Branding and hang tag design for girls newborn to 6x girls apparel company. They were looking for fresh and original redesign.
..and the winners are: 

Design:  40%  | Creativity:  50%  | Usability:  10% 

Hangtag | Young Hearts

Email design for an online store which sells funky, cool gifts and fashion for the little people. 

Design:  20%  | Creativity:  10%  | Usability:  70% 

Newsletter template

... graphical representation of "battery" and "calibration" ...

Design:  33%  | Creativity:  33%  | Usability:  33% 
Android App Icon

Logos and icons... made recently. Some of them are used, some of them are just for fun, floating in the ether...

Design:  33%  | Creativity:  33%  | Usability:  33% 
Logos | Icons | and small stuff | 2011

The icon is for an over training monitor app that records resting heart rate and weight and evaluates a persons fitness to train

iPhone App Icons


Hotel / Hostel IconSet


Design:  40%  | Creativity:  40%  | Usability:  20
Hostel Boemia | Website design

Sister Fun | Personal project